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Study List of Common Insects in Texas

Junior= Junior Intermediate= Intermediate Senior= Senior

  Common Name Order Host or Location Significance


Silverfish Thysanura Trunk, closet Pest
Mayflies Ephemeroptera Near water Inconsequential
Black-winged damselfly Odonata Stream Beneficial
Green darner Odonata Stream Beneficial
Stoneflies Plecoptera Near water Inconsequential
Banded-winged grasshoppers Orthoptera Pasture Pest
Differential grasshopper Orthoptera Pasture Pest
Long-horned grasshoppers  Orthoptera Shrubs/grass Pest
Junior Field cricket Orthoptera Buildings Pest
Intermediate Mole crickets Orthoptera Sandy soil Pest
Intermediate True katydid Orthoptera Trees Pest
Junior American cockroach Blattodea House Pest
Intermediate German cockroach Blattodea House Pest
Intermediate Oriental cockroach Blattodea House Pest
Junior Praying mantids Mantodea Shrubs, vegetation Beneficial
Junior Walkingsticks Phasmatodea Shrubs, vegetation Pest
Intermediate Earwigs Dermaptera Ground trash Pest
Intermediate Termites Isoptera Wood, stumps Pest
Intermediate Barklice Psocoptera Tree trunk Pest
Intermediate Chicken head louse Phthiraptera (Mallophaga) Poultry Pest
Junior Head louse Phthiraptera (Anoplura) Humans Pest
Intermediate Hog louse Phthiraptera (Anoplura) Swine Pest
Intermediate Short-nosed cattle louse Phthiraptera (Anoplura) Cattle Pest
Senior Ambush bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Flowers Beneficial
Senior Assassin bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Field crops Beneficial
Junior Backswimmer Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Pond Beneficial
Senior Bed bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Humans Pest
Senior Big-eyed bugs Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Field crops Beneficial
Senior Boxelder bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Boxelder trees Pest
Senior Burrower bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Grasses, peanuts Pest
Intermediate Chinch bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Grass Pest
Intermediate Cotton fleahopper Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Cotton Pest
Senior False chinch bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Sorghum Pest
Junior Giant water bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Water, ponds Pest
Junior Green stink bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Weeds Pest
Junior Harlequin bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Cole crops Pest
Senior Large milkweed bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Milkweed Beneficial
Intermediate Leaffooted bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Plants, weeds Pest
Senior Minute pirate bugs Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Insects Beneficial
Junior Squash bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Squash Pest
Senior Tarnished plant bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Plants, weeds Pest
Junior Toad bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Shoreline Beneficial
Senior Water boatman Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Pond Beneficial
Senior Water scorpions Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Stream Beneficial
Intermediate Water striders Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Pond Beneficial
Senior Wheel bug Hemiptera (Heteroptera) Vegetation Beneficial
Junior Cicadas Hemiptera (Auchenorrhyncha) Trees Pest
Junior Leafhoppers Hemiptera (Auchenorrhyncha) Grasses Pest
Senior Planthoppers Hemiptera (Auchenorrhyncha) Various plants Pest
Senior Spittlebugs Hemiptera (Auchenorrhyncha) Alfalfa Pest
Senior Treehoppers Hemiptera (Auchenorrhyncha) Trees Pest
Junior Aphids Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Corn, sorghum Pest
Intermediate Greenbug Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Small grains Pest
Senior Pecan phylloxera Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Pecans Pest
Intermediate Psyllids Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Potato Pest
Intermediate Scales, armored Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Trees, shrubs Pest
Intermediate Scales, soft Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Ornamental trees Pest
Senior Whiteflies Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha) Vegetables, cotton Pest
Intermediate Thrips Thysanoptera Flowers Variable
Junior Dobsonflies Megaloptera Stream Beneficial
Junior Antlions Neuroptera Plants Beneficial
Senior Brown lacewings Neuroptera Insects Beneficial
Senior Green lacewings Neuroptera Insects Beneficial
Senior Mantispids (Mantidflies) Neuroptera Woodlots Beneficial
Senior Owlflies Neuroptera At lights Beneficial
Senior Alfalfa weevil Coleoptera Alfalfa Pest
Junior Blister beetles Coleoptera Plants, alfalfa, weeds Pest
Senior Boll weevil Coleoptera Cotton Pest
Senior Carpet beetles Coleoptera Wool carpets Pest
Senior Carrion beetles Coleoptera Dead animals Beneficial
Junior Caterpillar hunter  Coleoptera Woodland Beneficial
Senior Click beetles Coleoptera Corn, field crops Pest
Senior Colorado potato beetle Coleoptera Potatoes Pest
Senior Confused flour beetle Coleoptera Stored grain Pest
Junior Cottonwood borer Coleoptera Cottonwood trees Pest
Senior Elm leaf beetle Coleoptera Elm trees Pest

Fireflies (lightningbugs)

Coleoptera Weeds Inconsequential
Senior Flat-headed borer (Metallic wood borer) Coleoptera Trees Pest
Senior Flea beetles Coleoptera Weeds Pest
Senior Japanese beetle Coleoptera Crops Pest
Junior Lady beetles Coleoptera Weeds Beneficial
Senior Lesser grain borer Coleoptera Stored grain Pest
Senior Locust borer Coleoptera Black locust Pest
Senior Maize weevil (rice weevil) Coleoptera Stored grain Pest
Junior May beetles (June beetles  or Junebugs) Coleoptera Shrubs Pest
Senior Mealworm Coleoptera Stored grain Pest
Senior Plum curculio Coleoptera Peaches Pest
Senior Predaceous diving beetles Coleoptera Ponds Beneficial
Senior Rove beetles Coleoptera At lights Inconsequential
Senior Sawtoothed grain beetle Coleoptera Stored grain Pest
Senior Soldier beetles Coleoptera Flowers Inconsequential
Junior Spotted cucumber beetle Coleoptera Weeds Pest
Junior Sweet potato weevil Coleoptera Sweet potatoes Pest
Junior Tiger beetles Coleoptera Shady trails Beneficial
Senior Tumbling flower beetles Coleoptera On flowers Inconsequential
Senior Water scavenger beetles Coleoptera Stream Inconsequential
Senior Whirlygig beetles  Coleoptera Stream Inconsequential
Junior Scorpionflies Mecoptera Plants Inconsequential
Junior Fleas Siphonaptera Cat, dog Pest
Senior Bee flies Diptera Flowers Beneficial
Senior Black flies Diptera Stream Pest
Senior Blow flies Diptera Carrion Variable
Junior Common cattle grub Diptera Cattle Pest
Junior Crane flies Diptera Meadow Inconsequential
Senior Deer  fly Diptera Woodlands Pest
Senior Flesh flies Diptera Carrion Pest
Junior Horn fly Diptera Cattle Pest
Junior Horse fly Diptera Woodlands Pest
Junior House fly Diptera Barn Pest
Junior Mosquitoes Diptera Yard and meadow Pest
Senior Robber flies Diptera Woodlands Beneficial
Senior Sheep keds Diptera Sheep Pest
Junior Sorghum midge Diptera Sorghum Pest
Senior Stable fly Diptera Cattle Pest
Junior Syrphid fly (flower fly) Diptera Flowers Beneficial
Junior Caddisflies Trichoptera Near stream Inconsequential
Junior Alfalfa caterpillar (clouded sulfur) Lepidoptera Alfalfa Pest
Senior Armyworm Lepidoptera Grasses Pest
Junior Bagworm Lepidoptera Juniper Pest
Junior Black swallowtail Lepidoptera Carrots, weeds Pest
Junior Bollworm or corn earworm Lepidoptera Cotton, corn, others Pest
Senior Buckeye Lepidoptera Plantain Inconsequential
Senior Cabbage butterflies Lepidoptera Cole crops Pest
Junior Cabbage looper Lepidoptera General feeder Pest
Senior Cecropia Lepidoptera Oak Pest
Senior Cutworms Lepidoptera General feeder Pest
Senior Fall armyworm Lepidoptera Grasses Pest
Junior Fall webworm Lepidoptera Pecans Pest
Senior Forest tent caterpillar Lepidoptera Broad-leaved trees Pest
Junior Giant swallowtail Lepidoptera Citrus Pest
Junior Gray hairstreak (Cotton square borer) Lepidoptera Cotton Pest
Senior Great leopard moth Lepidoptera Weeds Inconsequential
Junior Greater wax moth Lepidoptera Beehive Pest
Senior Indianmeal moth Lepidoptera Stored grain Pest
Senior Io moth Lepidoptera Trees, corn Pest
Junior Luna moth Lepidoptera Oak Pest
Junior Monarch Lepidoptera Milkweed Pest
Senior Mourningcloak butterfly Lepidoptera Willow Inconsequential
Senior Peach tree borer Lepidoptera Peach trees Pest
Senior Pecan nut casebearer Lepidoptera Pecans Pest
Junior Pink bollworm Lepidoptera Cotton Pest
Junior Polyphemus Lepidoptera Oaks Pest
Senior Question mark Lepidoptera Elms Pest
Junior Red admiral Lepidoptera Nettles Inconsequential
Senior Saltmarsh caterpillar Lepidoptera Grasses, weeds Pest
Junior Silver‑spotted skipper Lepidoptera Black locust Inconsequential
Senior Sorghum webworm Lepidoptera Sorghum Pest
Senior Southwestern corn borer Lepidoptera Grain crops Pest
Senior Tiger swallowtail Lepidoptera Cherry Pest
Junior Tomato hornworm  Lepidoptera Tomatoes Pest
Junior Underwing moths Lepidoptera Trees Inconsequential
Senior Viceroy Lepidoptera Poplar Inconsequential
Junior Wood nymph Lepidoptera Thick woods Inconsequential
Junior Baldfaced hornet Hymenoptera Woodlands Pest
Junior Bumblebees Hymenoptera Meadow Beneficial
Junior Carpenter bees Hymenoptera Fence posts Pest
Junior Cicada killer Hymenoptera Soil Beneficial
Junior Honeybee Hymenoptera Flowers Beneficial
Junior Horntails Hymenoptera Logs Pest
Junior Ichneumon wasps Hymenoptera Flowers Beneficial
Junior Leafcutting bees Hymenoptera Flowers Pest
Junior Mud daubers Hymenoptera Buildings Beneficial
Junior Red harvester ant Hymenoptera Pastures Pest
Junior Red imported fire ant Hymenoptera Pastures, lawns Pest
Junior Sawflies Hymenoptera   Pest
Junior Tarantula hawk Hymenoptera Woodlands Beneficial
Junior Texas leafcutting ant Hymenoptera Woodlands Pest
Junior Velvet ants Hymenoptera Soil Pest
Junior Yellowjackets Hymenoptera House eaves Pest
Junior Brown dog tick Acarina Dog Pest
Junior Fowl tick (blue bug) Acarina Poultry Pest
Junior Lone star tick Acarina Cattle Pest
Junior Spider mites Acarina Plants Pest
Junior Crab spiders Araneae Flowers Beneficial
Junior Jumping spiders Araneae Garden Beneficial
Junior Recluse spiders Araneae Board piles Pest
Junior Tarantulas Araneae Soil Beneficial
Junior Widow spiders Araneae Woodlots Pest
Junior Wolf spiders Araneae Under rocks Beneficial
Junior Yellow garden spider Araneae Garden Beneficial
Junior Scorpions Scorpiones Log piles Pest
Junior Sun spiders (Wind scorpions) Solifugae Arid regions Inconsequential
Junior Vinegaroons Thelyphonida Arid regions Pest
Junior Centipedes Class Chilopoda   Pest
Junior Millipedes Class Diplopoda Leaf litter Pest
Junior Springtails Collembola Surface of puddles Variable
Junior Sowbugs and pillbugs Isopoda Compost Pest

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